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2024 Edition - February 1, 2024

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K. T. Conte is author of 'Awoke' from the thrilling series 'The Unseen War'. Explore the site to learn more about K. T., her books, and get exclusive content and updates.
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2017 Amazon Paranormal Romance Bestseller

A young woman grapples with a reality-shattering gift as unseen forces threaten to unravel the world she knows.

Katya Stevens, a young Black woman with an extraordinary gift, can peer into the unseen world and behold the lingering dead in their most grotesque forms. She’s caught in a life-altering dilemma—does she stick to her comfortable existence in the bustling heart of Boston, or does she risk it all to join a global Grim Reaper combat force, standing against an impending catastrophe that could shatter her world?

As her unique abilities grow more powerful, echoes of her past reverberate, pulling her deeper into the mystery. Navigating a path riddled with dangers and straddling the fine line between her known life and a chilling otherworldly reality, Katya must confront her destiny. Will she embrace her fate or be consumed by it?

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Readers are raving about Awoke:

"Told in an absorbing first person narrative voice, Awoke is a gripping entry in the Want Series by K.T. Conte, a great read for young adult fans of the paranormal...this story is told in an irresistible voice, from the first person point of view, and the reader is pulled in from the very beginning... The writing is beautiful and K.T. Conte creates a striking balance between her descriptive narrative and the fascinating dialogues, keeping the reader well-entertained. Awoke is a fast-paced, exciting read." Reader's Favorite

I really enjoyed this book. From start to finish it was like being dropped in a completely new world of adventure. Katya and Gregor are strong characters bound together by a mystery of her origins or his duty to protect humanity. A very unique story. I hope this is only the beginning of the epic adventure!
This is a beautifully developed world with lots of characters. They are introduced at a pace that does not leave you make notes to figure out who is who. I loved the story, there is lots of action, and an ending that will leave you wanting book two to see what happens next.I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to any that like Fantasy YA. You will not be disappointed.
It's always fun for me to pick up a YA fiction book. They are easy reads and usually have few constraints in terms of what can happen. The sky's the limit. Awoke fell right in this category. I actually zoomed through it in one day. Yes I am a very fast reader, but when this happens it means I am fully drawn into the story - it has come alive for me. So kudos to the author.

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Awoke the Unseen War Series Book Cover
Awoke (The Unseen War Series)
2024 Edition - February 1, 2024
Rise the Unseen War Placeholder
Rise (The Unseen War Series)
Scheduled for 2025

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