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K. T. Conte is author of 'Awoke' from the thrilling series 'The Unseen War'. Explore the site to learn more about K. T., her books, and get exclusive content and updates.
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"Critically acclaimed, vividly immersive storytelling."

A young woman grapples with a reality-shattering gift as unseen forces threaten to unravel the world she knows.

Katya Stevens, a young Black woman with an extraordinary gift, can peer into the unseen world and behold the lingering dead in their most grotesque forms. She’s caught in a life-altering dilemma—does she stick to her comfortable existence in the bustling heart of Boston, or does she risk it all to join a global Grim Reaper combat force, standing against an impending catastrophe that could shatter her world?

As her unique abilities grow more powerful, echoes of her past reverberate, pulling her deeper into the mystery. Navigating a path riddled with dangers and straddling the fine line between her known life and a chilling otherworldly reality, Katya must confront her destiny. Will she embrace her fate or be consumed by it?

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Readers are raving about Awoke (the Unseen War):

"Conte weaves a fast-paced tale where Katya enters a whole new realm and finds a new appreciation of life, death, and the beyond. The author’s worldbuilding skills are impressive, with Conte revealing new information at a steady clip that keeps the pages turning. Katya is a strong-willed and likable protagonist, and readers will be engaged by how she slowly comes into her own as she finds out more about her true nature." Kirkus Review

The story transcends the boundaries of traditional fantasy with interesting twists on popular tropes, and I enjoyed the atmospheric lexical choices that perfectly match the setting to the mood of each scene. From start to finish it was like being dropped in a completely new world of adventure. Katya and Gregor are strong characters bound together by a mystery of her origins or his duty to protect humanity. A very unique story. I hope this is only the beginning of the epic adventure!
K. C. Finn
K. T. Conte takes readers on a gripping journey filled with unexpected twists and turns that keep one on the edge of their seat. The writing style is highly engaging, and the steady narration kept me intrigued and entertained. I loved how vivid Conte was with the descriptions of events and places, which helped create a mental picture of what was happening. The characters are well-developed, and the readers will also appreciate the easy-to-understand language used, making the book accessible to all readers.
Frank Mutuma
K. T. Conte takes older, coming-of-age young adult issues and amplifies them in a fantasy setting. Katya is exceptional as a protagonist for many reasons, but Conte does not make it easy for her, and the harshness of internal conflict is matched only by some impossible decisions. Katya is also a woman of color who, for all of her supernatural capabilities, is still vulnerable and human, and as a person of color raising daughters, the importance of this cannot be stressed enough. The writing itself is clean and well-executed, and Conte's world-building is exceptional.
Asher Syed

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Awoke (The Unseen War Series)
2024 Edition - Available Now Everywhere
Rise the Unseen War Placeholder
Rise (The Unseen War Series)
Scheduled for Fall 2025

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