The War is Here

Problem is that no one can see it.
No one except for Katya.
Gregor, Katya and Cynthia

The Unseen War Series

Awoke' is the first installment in the 'Unseen War' series. Follow the journey of Katya Stevens as she navigates between the world of the living and the dead, unearthing secrets that will change her life forever.

Awoke (Book 1)

For many, turning eighteen is a rite of passage into adulthood. For Katya Stevens, it’s a chilling awakening to a world she'd thought was long forgotten — a realm where the dead don't rest, and the very fabric of life hangs by a thread.

With the resurgence of her once-hidden ability to see the departed, the world's mysterious occurrences aren't just unusual; they're lethal, and they are deeply entwined with her very being. Gregor, a Grim Reaper, brings more puzzles than answers, unveiling the battling forces: The Want, spirits warped by their refusal to transition into the afterlife.

Yet, there’s a deeper revelation — Katya isn't merely a bystander. She's a potent beacon, a figure of legends standing at the precipice of salvation and destruction. As she steps into the ethereal realm of Ager, the balance between life and what lies beyond, Katya must face not only the vengeful Wanters—like the fierce Wreckers and envious Wishers—but also the shadows within her own heart.

In "Awoke," the inaugural tale of "The Unseen War," immerse in a rich narrative of spirituality, redemption, and a profound quest for self-realization. Can Katya embrace her role, navigating the intricacies of good and evil? Or will her reluctance become the harbinger of the world’s doom?
2024 Edition - February 1, 2024
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Rise (Book 2)

In the thrilling sequel to "Awoke," Katya Stevens is learning to navigate the grey areas between good and evil in her role as a novice Grim Reaper.

However, the challenge intensifies when a mysterious entity starts terrorizing both the living and the dead, threatening to shatter the delicate equilibrium. As Katya's powers grow, so do the stakes, forcing her to confront the fearsome generals of the Want and the burgeoning threat of the Archangels

Will Katya rise to the occasion and harness her abilities to stop the onslaught, or will the world succumb to chaos?

In the world of the Unseen War, every choice has consequences, and nothing is as it seems.
Scheduled for 2025

Read an Excerpt from Awoke

"I was tracking someone at the pub before your friend decided to meddle."

"The guy from the pool table?"

"Exactly. Her disastrous attempts at flirtation gave him the perfect excuse to escape. I managed to corner him in the alley. What you witnessed wasn't murder. The man was already a corpse."

I snorted incredulously. "Yeah, right. Because corpses frequent bars and plead for mercy all the time."

His lips twitched into a smirk. "You'd be astounded by the lengths the dead will go to achieve their desires."

"Whoa there, I thought we were aiming for full transparency here."

"I am. Whether you choose to believe it is entirely up to you."

I exhaled and shifted in my seat. "Alright, I'll humor you. Let's say the man in the alley was already deceased. Where is he now?"

"A human spirit that refuses to move on disturbs the balance of our plane, which we refer to as the Live Realm. To rectify this, I dispatched him to another plane—the Room of Apofasi—for judgment. If he had lingered in the Live Realm, he would have turned into a dangerous beacon, attracting all manner of nasties."

"So, you sent a deceased spirit to this Room of Apofasi to be... judged?"

The Scot, watching me carefully, nodded. "Indeed. Spirits like him are behind the tremors and the unearthly screams you've heard. That enormous shadow creature originated from another, far more perilous plane. The screams were from the beast. The tremors were its movements around the Live Realm, searching for human spirits to consume. They feed on humans to absorb their residual powers. To put it simply, the beast was hungry."

He remained stone-faced, though a twinkle of amusement flickered in his eyes as he gauged my reaction."So you're telling me you shipped off a dead man to be judged, to prevent a monstrous shadow from finding him. And you can do this because...?"

"I am a Kyrios." I recalled the man in the alley pleading, "Please, Kyrios. I'm not ready to go yet. There's too much I still need to do."

My gaze narrowed on the Scot. "The man did refer to you as Kyrios. What exactly is a Kyrios? Sounds like a breakfast cereal."

He responded with an eerie smile, leaning in closer. "Over the years, I've been known by many names. The Ankou in Celtic cultures. Hades. The Shinigami in Japan. Angel of the Dark, though that's a bit of a misnomer. I'm quite the opposite, actually."

I raised my eyebrows in disbelief. "Are you saying you're..."

"The Grim Reaper? Death himself? Yes, I am all of those things."

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