"I never thought that the weight of the world would be on me. I thought the only thing I had to worry about was where was I getting new hair products to detangle my hair."


Katya leads a normal life any teenager would be envious of – popular, pretty and dating the high school elite. Not that she enjoys the spotlight, mind you. She wants everyone to believe she is normal.

But when Katya sees the real reason behind the earthquakes plaguing everyone in Boston, the truth rattles and shatters the perfect normal illusion Katya created for herself. An ability to see unearthly creatures and manipulate waves of life energy labels her as anything but normal. And it’s an ability that attracts unwanted and dangerous attention.

She reluctantly finds herself in the company of Gregor, a handsome member of an international spirit military team called the Kyrios. The simple decision to help thrusts Katya into a world of spirits, betrayal and a perpetual battle between undead monsters and the wardens that keep them in their place.

Katya must decide whether she values the simple and easy life she created for herself over the complex and difficult world now asking her to stand and fight.


Sneak Peak


“I’ve been called many things over the years. The Ankou in Celtic. Hades. The Shinigami in Japanese. Angel of the Dark, though angel is a misconception. Far from it, actually.”

“I had been tracking someone at the pub when your friend interrupted me.”

“The man from the pool table?”

“Yes. I was curt with her because her awful attempts at flirting gave the man the opportunity to run. I cornered him in the alley. What you saw in the alley wasn’t murder. The man was already dead.”

I snorted. “Right, because dead people hang out at bowling bars and beg to be spared from murder all the time.”

He smirked. “You’d be surprised at what the dead will do to get what they want.”

“Hey, I thought we were going to be honest with each other here.”

“I am. It’s up to you whether you believe it or not.”

I sighed and crossed my legs. “Okay, fine. I’ll play. Let’s say the man in the alley was already dead. Where did he go?”

“A human spirit that doesn’t cross over causes an imbalance here in this plane that we call the Live Realm. To right this imbalance, I sent him over to another plane, which we call the Room of Apofasi, for judgment. Had he stayed in the Live Realm any longer, he would have become a liability. When they don’t cross over, that energy acts like a beacon for some pretty ugly stuff.”

“Wait, so you sent a dead spirit to this place, the Room of Apofasi, to be judged?”
The Scot nodded, studying me again. “Yes. Spirits like him, and unfortunately they are many more, are the reason behind these tremors and the unearthly screams you heard. That massive shadow beast was from another plane—a much more dangerous plane. The screams were from the beast. The tremors were from the beast walking around the Live Realm looking for the human spirit to devour. They look to devour humans to absorb any remaining power they may have. In a sentence, the beast was hungry.”

His face remained very serious though there was a slight glimmer of amusement in his eyes as he watched me process his words.

“So you are saying you sent a dead man to be judged to keep a giant shadow from finding him. And you have this ability because...?”

“I am a Kyrios.” I remembered the man in the alley: “Please, Kyrios. I’m not ready to go yet. There’s too much I want to do still.” 

I eyed The Scot suspiciously. “The man did call you Kyrios. What exactly is a Kyrios? Sounds like cereal.”

He smiled eerily and leaned slightly forward. “I’ve been called many things over the years. The Ankou in Celtic. Hades. The Shinigami in Japanese. Angel of the Dark, though angel is a misconception. Far from it, actually.”

My eyebrows rose. “What are you saying? You’re...” 

“The Grim Reaper? Death? Yes, all of the above.”