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Awaken to the World of "Awoke"

A Paranormal Fantasy That Blends Urban Fantasy with Diverse Perspectives

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Quick Snapshot

  • Genre: New Adult Paranormal Fantasy
  • Protagonist: Katya Stevens, a young Black
    woman who discovers her hidden abilities
    as a Grim Reaper on her 18th birthday
  • Hook: On a fateful birthday, a Boston
    teenager awakens to a realm of vengeful
    spirits, forbidden romance, and her
    own mysterious power over
    life energy.


About the Author

K.T. Conte holds a B.A. in English from Boston
College along with a law degree.
Her passion for genre fiction and building
inclusive worlds comes through
in her debut novel.

Awoke USPs

  • Black FMC "Chosen One" with a biracial Scottish MMC
  • Dystopian world building
  • Celebrating diversity in fantasy
  • Exploring intricate forbidden romance
  • Captures the wonder of fantasy realms while
    addressing real-world themes of identity and
  • Haunting world of spirits, secret regimes, and
    unexpected personal power


Marketing Launch

  • 📚 45+ stop virtual book tour and in person appearances
  • 🙋♀️️ Influencer promotions with 15+ creators
  • ✉️ ARCs to major fantasy reviewers
  • 📰 National press release campaign

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